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Gippsland Enterprise Centre金满城棋牌官方
HVP Plantations
Sulfide Control
Trimble Australia Solutions Pty Ltd


Eastern Victoria GP Training

Eastern Victoria (EV) GP Training is a provider of vocational training for doctors seeking to specialise as General Practitioners in Eastern Victoria. EV is contracted by the Commonwealth Government to deliver the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) programme. EV GP Training offers a professional, challenging and supportive career path throughout eastern, south-eastern and north-eastern metropolitan Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland.

Suite: B2
Phone: +61 3 5132 3100


HVP Plantations

HVP Plantations is one of the largest private plantation companies in Australia with plantations situated around Victoria. The total area of land managed by HVP equates to about 240,000 ha. About 170,000ha of this land is pine and eucalypt plantation.  About half of the plantation area is in Gippsland. HVP employs over 600 staff and contractors, of which 240 are located at Churchill. The company supplies over 3 million tonnes of wood annually to manufacturing industries. These manufacturing industries are primarily local, the main ones being sites that manufacture structural sawn timber, fibre board products, pulp and paper. HVP forest practices are controlled by a legislated Code of Practice and its culture is supported by two internationally recognised and independently audited forest management certification standards.

Suites: A, B5 and B6 Gippsland Enterprise Centre
Phone: +61 3 5122 0600


Sulfide Control Pty Ltd

Sulfide Control provides solutions for odour control problems in sewerage and industrial wastewaters.   Sulfide Control staff specialise in equipment design and evaluation, and measurement and testing of gas treatment units, and pipeline odour control systems such as oxygen dissolvers and chemical dosing systems. Sulfide Control’s Sulfox® solution provides an effective means of controlling sulfide generation in pipelines.  Sulfide Control are also Australian agents for the BioGasclean process (BioGasclean, Denmark), and the SulfaBind treatment process (ADI Canada).

Suites: C4
Phone: +61 3 51222067


Trimble Australia Solutions Pty Ltd

Trimble Australia Solutions Pty Ltd is a specialist forestry logistics business established in New Zealand in 1993. Its particular expertise is in the application of logistics information technologies to wood supply operations.

Trimble serves the forest industry with a platform of proprietary systems and support services that underpin the management of log harvesting and delivery activities. Over the past decade it has completed more than 30 successful implementations of its inventory, distribution and transaction management solutions. Management systems developed by Trimble have been integrated into the business of some of the world’s leading forestry organisations.

Suite: C1
Phone: +61 3 5122 2711

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